Customer Reviews

Christina T.-Ithaca, NY

Ivy creates beautiful paintings using varied techniques and an amazing color palette. Don't miss a tour of her studio on the Ithaca Art Trail - you will find artwork that suits many different tastes. Ivy is extremely helpful working with customers to understand their preferences and recommend how to display artwork in their home. Every time I see Ivy's paintings on my wall they bring me joy. 

Renu G.-Ithaca, NY

I have been an admirer of Ivy’s art ever since I was introduced to it, about 6-7 years ago. This year, I did a couple of things to further my appreciation of her work: bought an art piece, and attended a workshop at her studio. I love to say that I now have Ivy on my walls. I am more impressed with each interaction. Ivy has the unique ability to sweep you into a creative phase that you may not realize you have. For the Workshop, we signed up as a group of four. Our group had a teenage boy, a young person in her 20s, and two people in their 50s, challengingly diverse in age and interests. In addition, we came to her, deeply pre-occupied. Two hours in Ivy’s inspiring studio felt like moments. None of us could believe how easily we had blocked all else on our mind, to focus on the colors taking shape by our hands.

I would recommend taking an art/color therapy workshop to everyone, especially those who feel that they cannot paint, or have never explored art.

Charlotte W.--Ithaca, NY

A more than positive review for the art work of Ivy Stevens-Gupta.  Her eye for design, color and the wow factor is unsurpassed.  We were struggling to find sound-absorbing art work for a room with bold colors, a Cornell logo and ultra-modern office furniture.  Ivy worked with us to integrate our needs into her designs resulting in two incredibly distinct but appropriate pieces for a large wall dotted with triangle windows - not an easy assignment.  The end result was striking and unique.  She was a pleasure to work with, delivered on time and the price was right.  A great experience!

Colleen W.--Rochester, NY  

We bought a stunning work of significant size from Ivy about 2 years ago, and love having it warm our home.  We put "Pixel, Pixel" in our kitchen/dining room. Because Ivy coats all of her works to bring out the brilliance of their color and preserve them from sun damage, they are also preserved from grease and spaghetti sauce! 

Ivy brings years of rigorous study to her obvious talent, creating works that demonstrate her facility with color and form in each uniquely brilliant work.While the prints are wonderful, the vibrancy of her works comes alive in the originals, it is worth saving and getting the 'real deal.' Further working with Ivy is a joy; ask her about each work and her artistic process. 

We get so many compliments on "Pixel, Pixel" and love to show it off.

Susan M.--Dryden, NY

We own Lollipop Landscape, and we love the colors and theme...check out Ivy Stevens-Gupta's facebook page to see a photo of the painting in our office.  Susan McCormick, Fingerlakes Wealth Management, Ithaca, NY.

Cynthia P.--New Port Richey, FL

I own three of Ivy Steven-Gupta's painting so obviously I love her work.  I own an early piece plus Cindy's Meadow and Erupting Emotions. I sit and gaze at Cindy's Meadow and I can actually imagine all the different flowers and vegetation that would be seen across a never ending meadow.  It seems to change depending on the mood I am in or when seen in different lighting.  Erupting emotions is a very apt name for the other painting.  The "flow of emotion" evidenced in the painting is amazing and ever changing.  I have looked at this painting for hours and I have still not seen everything this painting has to offer.

The last piece of work of Ivy Stevens-Gupta's that I own is an early painting of a tree in winter with snow falling, and is simply beautiful.  While all three pieces get many compliments, this one gets the most.  This is because her other two pictures need to be seen, experienced, and touched to get the full impact of what she has conveyed in them while her early piece can be experienced more quickly and is more quickly understood by everyone who sees it. 

I also have to say that pictures of her paintings do not do them justice.  In person her paintings have a depth to them that just does not come across in photos.  They have a presence that effects all those who view her paintings in different ways and to different degrees.  I look forward to my next purchase of one of her paintings and can't wait to see what her next creation will convey.

Lori P.--Ithaca, NY

My family and I highly recommend the art work and studio of Ivy Stevens-Gupta. 

My 14 year old son saw a piece of artwork at a friend's house and loved the colour and design. However, he was smitten by the invitation to feel the textures applied to the painting. He declared that this is how all art should be--AND that he would like a painting for his birthday.

So, we made a field trip to the artist's studio. Even though it was days before the the Ithaca Art Trail--for which she was preparing to open her studio--Ivy welcomed us in, allowing us to look, feel, and discuss art. The paintings on her studio walls speak of a command of colour and its effects, but they also speak of approachability and sensuality. To assure these latter characteristics, she finishes her works such that they will be untainted by exploring hands.

Since we were unexpectedly in town over the weekend for the Art Trail, my husband and I visited her studio together, again enjoying the colour and congeniality. 

And, yes, my son will be receiving his favorite painting for his birthday!

Keqi Y.--Morrisville, NC

I am a software engineer, by no means an artist. It was purely by luck that I won one of Ivy's paintings from a charity lottery. However, since I have had it in my home, I've begun to appreciate the beauty of fine art. I so enjoyed those leisurely afternoons when I sit in front of that painting, holding a cup of tea, just studying the beautiful details of it. I could spend hours there staring at the painting while thinking about my work and my life. It brings me peace when I am relaxed, calms me down when I am agitated, and even inspires my programming algorithms. This piece of work made me want to learn more about art. So I took Ivy's introductory class in color theory and paintings. Thanks to that class, it opened a door to the world of art for me. I learned why the painting at my home has that magic power of bringing me peace. And Ivy, she is no doubt a master of using colors and other elements, to show you a beautiful world, the beautiful world in her eyes and in her heart. When you talk with her, you can feel her kindness, her gentle and sensitive heart, and her enthusiasm in helping people and bringing others happiness. And all of these are fully demonstrated in her artworks. She is an effective instructor too. I was able to create a beautiful artwork on my own right after her class. I would definitely recommend her artworks and her lectures.

Pamela D.--Horseheads, NY.

Ivy Creative Designs is the premier art studio in Ithaca. I have had the pleasure of working with Ivy as an art instructor in a group setting as well as on an individual basis. With her guidance, I was able to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for my recently renovated family room. She was able to help me put my vision on canvas. I am thrilled with the results! Ivy's professionalism combined with passion for design was an inspiration. I would highly recommend her business for art instruction and if you need to find the perfect painting for your home or business.

Karen Copp P.--North Port, FL

Ivy Creative Designs has added a beautiful and unique look to our home. The wide array of textures used in her work adds so much dimension to our home decor. The piece we have hanging in our foyer is a constant reminder of fall through the gold leaf design which layers with it the seaside colors of southwest Florida. Ivy has a beautiful collection for everyone's taste. She is extremely talented and would be able to provide your home or business with artwork that will become your centerpiece of conversation.

William C.--Boston, MA

Ivy has a very impressive ability to work with colors and combine an array of colors into a diverse but coherent whole. Her unique finishing methods on her work are also wonderful in a bright venue or home. The high gloss looks almost like slumped glass. Ivy certainly deserves the awards she's won for her artwork, and when you take a look at her works it'll be a tough decision what is your favorite. We took home a work titled Pixel Pixel and it is a centerpiece in our dining room that always attracts notice and comments from our guests.